10 Great Reasons To Wear Bamboo Clothing

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As part of our generous selection of bamboo-based products, we stock a fantastic range of bamboo clothing, from socks to pyjamas, from singlets to leggings and from tops to boxer shorts. Modern and stylish, they are always expertly manufactured from the best quality bamboo fabric.

However, many people have yet to try on bamboo fabrics for size and are curious about exactly why this wonderful material is becoming so popular. For those who have never experienced the joy of bamboo,why would anyone choose to wear bamboo clothing in the first place?

Well, naturally, there are a host of great reasons! We take a fresh look at them in our top ten:

1. Luxuriously soft

Why wear anything other than the most sumptuous materials that nature has to offer? Life’s too short to put up with rough, scratchy fabrics! Even the most sensitive souls can enjoy the highest standards of hypo-allergenic comfort, from head to toe.

2. Great green credentials

Bamboo is extremely environmentally friendly, using very little water to grow, needing no harmful pesticides and being 100% biodegradable. There is no other plant used in clothing that is as well-suited and gentle on Planet Earth. The future is bright thanks to super-sustainable bamboo.

3. Stay dry on-the-go

Bamboo is 40% more absorbent than even the finest organic cotton. This means that it brilliantly wicks moisture away from the skin and is extremely comfortable. This can prove to be a real winner for hard-working feet, for example in the case of our Bamboo Work Socks.

4. Comfort whatever the weather

The clever, breathable bamboo fabric is exceptionally good in a wide range of temperatures, so that wearers can relax and be nice and cool in the summer and feel cosy and warm in the winter months. Make it a year-round wardrobe staple.

5. Keeps its shape nicely

Unlike some materials, our bamboo fabric does not keep shrinking or bag after use when properly cared for. This means that you can rely on your favourite pieces to stay looking great, wash after wash.

6. Hard-wearing style

Work hard and play hard in clothes that look great and fit well, but will also last the course. Bamboo fabric is very strong and amazingly resilient for such a soft-feeling material. It will not pill or easily unravel so that you can enjoy the good-as-new look for as long as possible. Furthermore, each item is expertly made to give wearers the benefit of the best of bamboo’s superb natural properties.

7. Easy laundry care

Many bamboo clothing items, such as our range of Bamboo Business Socks, do not require washing as often as similar items made from other materials. At the same time, when they do need cleaning it is straightforward and low-maintenance.

8. Smell sweeter for longer

Avoid unpleasant odours that can arise from wearing inferior materials. Our bamboo clothes, such as our Bamboo Work Socks have been proven to reduce odour, thanks to the natural anti-bacterial properties of bamboo fibre.

9. Enjoy true lasting colours

Whilst bamboo fibre requires far less dye than cotton, it also showcases colour exceptionally well. Enjoy attractive, vibrant colours that will last well as one of the major benefits of this superior material.

10. Supremely smart

As our bamboo clothing is only made from the highest quality bamboo fabrics, we can guarantee that they will help you look the part whether in the office at an important meeting, in the park, or even relaxing in bed.

Why Do You Enjoy Wearing Bamboo Clothing?

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