4 Must-Have Wardrobe Basics For Women

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When it comes to your wardrobe, you want comfort, style, quality, and the reliable essentials that can be reached for at any moment. Bamboo ticks all of those boxes, and more. In particular, when it comes to the essentials, bamboo basics are a girl’s best friend. Graceful, versatile, super snug…they’re must haves.

Do you have these 4 fundamental basics in your wardrobe?

Singlets - These are indispensable. Worn in summer with jeans and shorts, in winter they are your go-to layer for warmth. Pair with cardigans, gilets, under t-shirts or wear multiple singlets in one. Collect various colours and know they’re ready and waiting whenever you need them. As an added bonus, singlets are super light so they pack up a treat when you’re travelling. Our current faves are our O2Wear singlets which come in four colours. Yes please.

Plain Tees – These beauties are always dependable. Plain tees go with everything, whether jeans and pants, or skirts and shorts. They can be dressed up to the nines, or go as casual as you’d like them to. And they make splendid pyjama tops; I don’t think anyone will disagree with that. We have so many to choose from, we couldn’t pick a favourite style, colour or design! Check out our gorgeous range of t-shirts and pick out your new plain tees.

Leggings – As comfortable as they are practical, leggings are a must-have. They simply go with everything, and are the wardrobe piece to head for when you’re looking for cosiness but also want to look good too. In stylish black, they’re perfect for pairing with tees, shirts and pyjamas tops. They’re ideal for laidback house wear, just as they are for a weekend stroll around the neighbourhood or heading to the gym or for a run. Equally, they’re wonderful for turning your summer sundresses into winter beauties; pop these underneath and wear with boots, and you’re cool-weather ready. Check out our leggings.

Little Black Dress – Yes, yes. The black dress will always come to your rescue when it is needed. Formal work gathering? Check. Night out with the girls? Check. Date night? Check. Casual laid back Saturday, teamed with flats and a pretty scarf? Check. Black dresses are not only super practical, they’re fantastically adaptable too. They can go from smart to informal in just an accessory change. They are some impressive skills! Smart and oh-so sophisticated, our current favourite is our Josie Dress - the 'little black dress' that every woman needs in her wardrobe.

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