5 Reasons To Love LouLou Australia

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We've got a new brand in the Village, and we're excited to tell you all about it! We'd like to introduce you to LouLou Australia: smart, stylish, snug and super-gorgeous. We love every single piece down to its last fibre, and know you're going to as well. From singlets and tees, to tube skirts, dresses and scarves, this a brand you're going to adore from the first wear. Check out why we love it so much.

Perfect Workwear

The colours of our new LouLou range make them perfect for work. Blacks, whites, greys and beiges come together to make smart officewear that you can dress up and down as you'd like to for your 9-5. Whatever your dress code, these new pieces can be injected in to it effortlessly. You'll look and feel great.

Ideal downtime wear

As well as doing duty as your officewear, LouLou is ideal for your usual attire outside of work. Wear the beautiful tops with your favourite skinny jeans, or pair a tube skirt with a shirt you can't live without. No matter where you're going or what you're doing, there's a LouLou item that is for you.

Spring ready 

This new range is ready and waiting to jump in to your spring wardrobe. Pair the dresses with flip flips for weekend beach trips and wear the camis with your favourite spring shorts. Yes yes yes!


As with all bamboo clothing, the LouLou range is incredibly comfortable. With all of the benefits of bamboo, each piece is delightfully snug, supremely soft and luxurious to the touch. Breathable and thermo-regulating, you will stay comfortable whatever the weather.


If you always like to look your best, you'll love LouLou. Each piece is supremely stylish and looks stunning. Their smart, easy-go hues and styles can be worn for any occasion. Each piece easily transitions from work to play, and they’re also perfect for travel.

Ready to treat yourself to LouLou? Shop here. 

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