5 Reasons To Stay Fit Over Winter

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Hands up, who struggles to stay motivated with their exercise routine over winter? It's colder, the nights are darker...you long for the days when the sun shines and the air is pleasant and everything's just a little bit, well, warmer. Winter can really hit exercise-motivation hard, tempting many to stay indoors and hibernate. However, your body still craves - and needs - exercise during winter. Why is it so important to maintain your fitness during cold spells?

You Get Fresh Air - When the cool air is lingering, you probably cling to the nearest radiator or heater in the hopes of keeping warm. Staying indoors more often however, means that you're probably getting much less fresh air over the winter. Even just a gentle stroll around the block will give you a boost of that lovely fresh stuff, and you'll feel so much better for it.

Prevent The Winter Blues - It's easy to feel a little gloomy around this time; it's super cold and dark. Don't give in to the winter blues though! Add a workout to your day; it will make such a difference. A workout releases endorphins, making you feel happy and positive. Just a gentle mini-workout can make a huge difference.

You Fight Off The Bugs - Winter infections are rife during the cold seasons, and it's much easier to pick up a cold or virus from the office. However, exercise strengthens your immune system helping to fight off nasty bugs. When you exercise, your blood pumps faster and immune cells that fight off infection circulate quicker.

You Stay Warm - When you work up a sweat, your body temperature rises which can keep you lovely and toasty warm over winter. It might feel cold when you first step outside the door, but after a ten-minute warm-up around the block, you'll soon feel nice and cosy. It's great to keep your heating bills lowered too if you workout indoors.

You Get A Change Of Routine - Since it is a new season, winter offers you a great chance to change your workout routine. Why not switch it up? See what classes your local gym is offering, or whether your friend is interested in joining you for a post-office workout. Turn the negativity of the cold winter days in to something positive.

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