5 Ways to Give Mother’s Day an Eco Friendly Touch

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Mother's Day is a wonderful day to let your Mum or special someone know how much you mean to her, and to spoil her rotten!

Why not add a special environmental touch to Mother's Day? If your Mum is eco conscious, she’ll love your extra special eco style. Check out these great ideas.

Treat her to Bamboo - Treat your Mum with some stunning Bamboo products that are completely eco friendly, and let her experience true luxury on Mother's Day! We have some absolutely wonderful products to spoil your loved one.

Flowers Grown Locally - Why not treat your Mum to a gorgeous potted plant from a local florist or farm? By getting one locally, you're saving the fuel costs used by delivery companies to get it to you, and you're supporting local businesses. Buy her favourite seasonal blooms and there'll be a wonderful smile on her face on Sunday morning!

Have a Full Day of Fun - Spend Mother's Day together, and do some fun activities in your area. Head to the beach and have a natter, or head to the local farmers market, buy some delicious ingredients and head home to cook together. Think of what your Mum loves, and do some activities based on this. Museum, shopping, cocktails...the world is your oyster!

Homemade touch - Sometimes homemade gifts are the best, and what better way to do so on Mother's Day, than by making a homemade pampering gift? Check out this great DIY recipe for Homemade Herbal Bath Salts. Not only is a great gift with a personal touch, you know that they won't contain anything toxic or unknown chemicals. Add them to a lovely little glass jar and add a cute ribbon, and you have a perfect gift. We also love these Do-It-Yourself Organic Spa Treatments. 

Distance Mums - If your Mum lives far away, you can still make a special treat to remind her of how much she means to you. Chat to her over Skype or Facetime on Sunday morning, and have a good old girly natter. Make her a scrapbook of your favourite memories together and mail it out to arrive by the weekend. Check in on some local eco-friendly bakeries in her area, and arrange for some cupcakes to be made and sent out for Sunday, as well as some flowers from the local florist. It's the little things that make the big difference!

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