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6 eco-friendly ways to stay warm over winter

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It's official - it's pretty cold out there!

This week, temperatures reached 2.7 degrees in Sydney early on a morning - brrr. That's some super cold weather. 

We're all on a quest to stay warm...but what if you're eco-conscious, and also want to reduce your carbon footprint while keeping yourself cosy?!

Check out our eco-tips for staying warm over this cold Australian winter.

Rug time - Got tiled or wooden flooring in the house? Lay down a rug or two. This is especially a good idea if you tend not to wear socks around the house; the rugs will provide a little bit of much needed warmth as your walk around.

Open those curtains - It's tempting to keep the curtains and blinds shut when it's cold outside, but when the sun is shining, open them up. The sun's energy will help the temperatures rise naturally and warm your place right up. When the dark draws in, close them.

Don those layers - It's time to layer up! It's easy to just wear your usual 'layabout' clothes when you're at home, but when the weathers harsh (and you don't want the heating on all the time), add a few more layers to the pile. Add an extra singlet under your t-shirt. Wear thick socks under your leggings. Throw on a pair of slippers. Or, wear a robe...even during the day time. We won't judge; we do it, too!

Tea time - Got to love a good cuppa. Who needs a good excuse to have an extra cup of tea or coffee (or two?). We certainly don't! A hot drink can have a lovely warming effect on the body and heat you up for a good while. Plus, it makes a good old hand warmer!

Snuggle up - When it's time to head to sleep, don't be cold; the right bedding can make all the difference. Our Alpaca and Bamboo quilts are a firm customer favourite. With five different ones to choose from, depending on the season, you'll never go back to a regular quilt. A popular choice for the winter is our Super-Warm Winter 600gsm - this quilt is designed for very cold climates, as well as for people who are cold in bed on a night and need a little extra warmth for a comfortable and relaxing night sleep. It is the equivalent of 4-5 blankets.

Love your feet - Your feet are a big deal when it comes to your body temperature, and if your feet are cold, the rest of you will be too. The solution? Some comfy and thick socks over winter. Our Extra Thick Bamboo Work Socks are like walking on deep, yielding carpet. They'll make a world of difference and help keep you warm, whether at work, at home or out and about.

How do you keep warm the eco-friendly way over winter? Let us know in the comments!

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