6 Great Eco-Friendly Family Activities

Posted by Bamboo Village on 7th Nov 2016

Weekends are a fantastic time to spend together with your family, and there are so many wonderful activities you can get involved with. If you want to ensure you’re staying eco-friendly while you have some fun, take a look at these great ideas!

Bike and walk - So many people use the car even for short journeys these days, when it is much more eco-friendly to simply walk or bike. For a great day out, choose a destination that isn't too far away, and walk or take bikes there instead of taking the car. Even just to the local store down the road is a great idea; it's fantastic exercise and can be a really fun activity to do together. Walking can be turned into a really fun exercise too; plan a walk to a nature reserve or somewhere equally beautiful, and take a few books with you that teach your children all about the wildlife and nature around them.

Grow a garden - Growing plants, vegetables and flowers in your garden is a great family activity. A vegetable garden is a fantastic place to start. Ask your children what they would like to grow, and as you start to plant your garden, talk with them about what it takes to grow something, such as what nutrients plants need. It's suitable for kids of any ages with supervision. If you don't have any spare garden space, grow a few pots on a balcony or the windowsill.

Crafty Time - If you get stuck inside on a rainy day, it's a great time to get crafty. Look for some materials around the home that you can recycle, such as cereal boxes or old egg cartons. You can also make the craft session educational too, by teaching your children about the importance of recycling and reusing materials instead of throwing them away.

Have a picnic - A picnic is a great way to spend the day with your family, and it can easily be made very eco-friendly with just a few simple tips such as serving local and homemade food and properly recycling your waste afterwards. 

Donate and Recycle - Need a bit of a clear-out in your home? Make the activity fun, and get everyone to have a look at clothes or toys they may no longer want anymore. Instead of just throwing them out, take them down to your local charity shop and know you're making a real difference by donating and recycling to a charitable cause.

Camp in the garden - A great way to have fun and save on indoor energy, is to head into the garden! During the day, make an outdoor camp in the garden. Bring out your favourite garden chairs, a few cushions and blankets for a bit of comfort, and some board games and books. If the weather is nice, it'll make it even more enjoyable. Once the sun drops, light some eco-friendly candles and watch the stars overhead.

Have you got any eco-friendly family ideas you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them! Share them in the comment box below.