7 reasons to love bamboo robes

Posted by Bamboo Village on 15th Jul 2019

It's a bit chilly out there… winter is definitely in full swing!

Post-bath, or post-super-long-day-at-work, what’s just the best treat? Slipping in to your favourite pjs and a deliciously comfortable robe.

When it’s a bamboo robe, it’s even more special.

If you haven’t tried a bamboo robe yet… it’s time.

Find out why we love them so much.

Great for layering – Robes are simply the best for layering over your fave pyjamas. Throw on your go-to Pjs, grab your favourite robe, and you are well and truly set for the rest of the evening.

Breathable and thermo-regulating – Just like all bamboo fabric, bamboo robes offer you something special; they are breathable and regulate your temperature. So, no matter whether your living room is a little chilly or warm, the robe will keep you just right.

No sweat – Bamboo fabric is superb at wicking moisture away from your skin, preventing sweating.

Soft, comfy and luxurious – What else can we say? If you know bamboo, then you know what we mean. Bamboo is rather sumptuous… wearing a bamboo robe is such a treat. You will be encased in unbeatable cosiness all evening long.

Great for sensitive skin - The eco-friendly bamboo fibres in each bamboo robe do not irritate the skin. Gentler than many manmade fibres, bamboo is a natural solution for those with sensitive skin. No more wriggling or itching. Hurrah!

Gorgeous designs – As well as all of their great fabric qualities, our robe collection is beautiful. Whether you’re treating yourself or someone special, anyone who wears one of our robes will love their attractive designs from day one.

Multipurpose – Who said robes were just for the evening?! Certainly not us! Bamboo robes are great for simply lounging around the house, for lazy weekends, for holiday travel. Whenever you need to relax and kickback, a bamboo robe is a trustworthy companion.

Have we convinced you yet?

It’s time to treat yourself to a bamboo robe. Shop the collection now.