7 Ways to Stay Warm the Eco Friendly Way this Winter

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Brr, it’s chilly around here! When you’re trying to be eco conscious, what are the best ways to stay warm while being as green as possible? Check out these great tips, guaranteed to have you lovely and toasty warm in no time!

Build up a Sweat - Exercising is a fantastic way to build up your heart rate and makes your body feel warmer too. To make it super eco-friendly, slip on your trainers and go for a run outside or work out in the garden with a skipping rope. You'll be super warm in no time, and stay warmer for a few hours afterwards too. And the exercise will make you feel good - bonus!

While You Sleep - The last place you want to be cold during the winter, is in bed! Ensure your bed is fully prepared for the cold nights with our Alpaca and Bamboo Quilts, either Alpaca 400 Warm Winter or 600 Super-Warm Winter. Alpaca and Bamboo combined are two natural fibres that complement each other for an ideal sleeping environment. Consider Bamboo sleepwear too, and envelop yourself in truly unparalleled comfort! Check out more Bamboo Sleepwear here, and bed essentials here.

Close the Curtains - Having insulated and thick curtains in the house really makes a difference in the winter, preventing heat from escaping through the windows, and any cold air from coming in too.

Add Some Rugs and Bring Out the Slippers - As lovely as wooden flooring is, it can make a room really cold in the winter months. Buy a few rugs for the rooms you use the most, and put on your slippers too; they will keep your feet toasty warm! Try our Bamboo Socks as well; whatever the weather, the thermo-regulating fabric makes sure that your feet are well taken care of, remaining fresh and cool even on the balmiest of days and wonderfully warm during cold spells.

Set the Thermostat - What temperature do you like the house to be during the winter? See which temperature works for you, and set the timer to come on when you'll be needing the heating - half an hour before rising, and half an hour before getting home from work is sensible. The house will get lovely and toasty warm, and no heating will be wasted.

What rooms do you use? - Are there any rooms in the house that you don't use too often? Close their doors and turn off their heating; you will save on bills, and if you need to heat them up later, it won't take too long. It also means that for any connecting rooms, they will warm up faster. Have any vents too around the house? Ensure they are closed, or your heating will be a waste.

Dress Right - Jumpers are pretty much your best friend when the colder months roll around, but do you know how Bamboo can help you too? In addition to being a totally biodegradable, earth-friendly fabric, bamboo clothing has a host of other wonderful benefits. It is naturally antimicrobial and thermo-regulating. So many of our clothing items will keep you cool and fresh in the summer and offer insulating warmth during the winter months. Check our Bamboo Clothing for the whole family and stay warm this winter!

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