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Bamboo Bedding: Comfort In The Cool Of Winter

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It’s a little cold outside! Winter is definitely arriving. Some parts of the country have had a record breaking chilly start to the season…brr! Hot water bottle, anyone?

The cold weather isn’t great for a good night sleep. You don’t want to leave the heaters on overnight or your bills will soar, but you also don’t want to freeze overnight, either.

Bamboo offers a great solution over winter.

Bamboo fabric helps to regulate your temperature. In the winter, when it’s cold outside and the house feels like an icicle, you can go to sleep in the knowledge that you’ll keep warm throughout the night and stay cosy and content.

Breathable and incredibly comfortable, bamboo bedding isn't just a cool-weather companion; when the heat rises again come spring and summer time, it does the opposite; it keeps you cool and wicks sweat away from your skin when the heat rises.

Pretty special stuff, we think.

As well as their wonderful capability to keep you warm, bamboo fabric is naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial. Bedding is extremely comfortable and their fibres make sure they remain silky soft. Perfect for a healthy happy you, and a good night’s sleep.

Check out our bamboo bedding range for your family this season. One of our favourite recommendations is our bamboo quilts by Kelly & Windsor which are a great choice for winter warmth. You can choose the one that is best for you.

Check out some of our customer reviews of bamboo bedding over winter:

Wow... what a superb quilt! The Alpaca 600 Super-Warm Winter weight is just perfect for the Canberra winter. While it feels dense compared to feather/down, it is not actually "heavy", it is a very cosy and comfortable weight and the most breathable winter quilt Ive ever used.” Simon L.

Beautiful quilt!! I got the winter weight and living in a Mediterranean climate (winter nights rarely getting colder than 4 degrees celcius) it is perfect for me. I should say also that I don't have heating in my bedroom. I wake up every morning feeling cosy but not stuffy. The quilt is soft and breathable.” A.M

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