Bamboo Fibre – Better Than Organic Cotton

Posted by Bamboo Village on 20th May 2014

Bamboo has been used in various forms for many hundreds of years and it remains a green material for the future. Some people assert that organic cotton is comparable to bamboo fabric but we know that bamboo stands in a league of its own.

Right from the outset, growing bamboo is far easier and more environmentally friendly than cultivating cotton. It takes a third of the amount of water to tend to fast-growing bamboo, which also does not require pesticides. Even though organic cotton will not use chemicals to grow, the water toll can be significant.

Further benefits to using bamboo can be discovered simply by touching it. Bamboo fabric is far softer than cotton, closer to cashmere in feel. The fibres are naturally rounded and smooth with needing chemical treatments, so they are excellent against the skin. If you try top quality bamboo sheets made from 100% bamboo fibre, you will instantly be able to feel that they are softer than any high thread count cotton sheets.

Bamboo’s softness and gentleness is perfect for people with sensitive skin. It also boasts natural antibacterial qualities thanks to ‘bamboo kun’which makes the fabric resistant to bacteria, fungi and odours. This makes the fabric extremely pleasant to use in clothing and particularly superior as a material for making socks, helping to ensure fresh feet.

Bamboo has better wicking properties than cotton –it is an amazing 40% more absorbent and can pull excess moisture away from the skin, keeping wearers dry and comfortable. It can also insulate well, making it a perfect all year round material –stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

When it comes to using bamboo fabric as a textile, it is highly versatile and requires less dye than cotton. Colours show up vividly when used in bamboo, making it a very attractive fabric. Light, strong and smooth, it is a pleasure to use in anything from bed sheets and doona covers to towels and socks.

In so many regards, bamboo fabric is greener and more luxurious than organic cotton. Producers are responding to its popularity and the increased demand by ensuring that the production process is as environmentally-friendly as possible. With so many wonderful advantages, it is easier to see why more and more people are turning to bamboo.