Bamboo newbies for the underwear drawer

Posted by Bamboo Village on 11th Jul 2019

Is it time to refresh the underwear drawer?!

We think so...

Whether you're a life-long fan or a newbie to the world of bamboo underwear, it's a great time to treat yourself to a few new pairs of bamboo goodness!

Bamboo underwear ...

✓ is naturally hypoallergenic

✓ reduces odours

✓ is breathable

What more do you need?! As well as our usual customer favourites, we also have brand NEW Mosmann briefs and boxers in the village.


NEW! We have new colours available in our very popular Mosmann 'All Day Cool & Dry' briefs and boxer trunks.

With all of the benefits of bamboo fabric, they are highly breathable, hypo-allergenic, thermo regulating and luxuriously soft. The fabric will keep you comfortable through sport, heat or a big day at the office. They're ready for anything.

NEW Briefs - 6 designs - $27.95

NEW Boxer Trunks - 3 designs - $29.95

We still have these more familiar designs of the briefs and boxers available.


Boylegs and bikinis - favourites in the underwear rotation! You'll love this bamboo selection; they are super comfy, come with all of the benefits of bamboo, and are very functional.

1. "Absolute Comfort" Boyleg - 2 colours - $19.95

2. Boyleg underwear - 2 colours - $16.95

3. bt Boyleg Brief - 7 colours - $15.95

4. "Absolute Comfort" Bikini Briefs in 'Palmsprings' - $19.95

5. "Absolute Comfort" Bikini Briefs - 2 colours - $19.95

6. bt Classic Bikini Brief - 7 colours - $16.95


There's no excuse for owning bad underwear; with the wrong pair of briefs or trunks, your whole day can be ruined, but with these comfy ones every day will be a good day! They will move easily with you wherever you go; whether for work or play, these will keep you extremely comfortable, cool and super fresh.

1. bt Trunks - 9 colours - $17.95

2. Briefs - 8 colours - $17.95


Coming in a handy 3 pack of Pussyfoot Bamboozled Trunks, this ‘wild’ set comes with Fox, Sheep & Dog designs – perfect if you’re an animal lover at heart.

Bamboozld Briefs - 3 Pack - $49.95


Looking for full coverage underwear? Our full briefs are a winner. With a high waist, they are great for minimising the tummy area.

1. bt Full Coverage Brief - 3 colours - $17.00

2. Classic Full Brief Knickers - 2 colours - $19.95


Great support and comfort for every day wear or light workouts, these bras and crop tops are a great go-to for the underwear drawer. Match them with your favourite bamboo briefs and you'll feel great all day long.

1. "Absolute Comfort" Crop Top - 4 colours - $39.95

2. "Absolute Comfort" Triangle Bralette - 2 colours - $39.95

3. "Absolute Comfort" Triangle Bra - $39.95


Gents, boxer shorts are always a winner. You'll love these ones in a traditional loose fit style.

1. Loose Fit Boxer Shorts - $29.95

2. Classic Boxer Shorts - $29.95

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