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Caring for Bamboo Sheets

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We just love the feel of climbing into bed when there are new bamboo sheets; what a treat! They are incredibly comfortable to sleep on and when they are cared for properly, they will last for a long time unlike lower-quality conventional sheets. What do we love about them? They are incredibly soft against your skin (perfect for a good night’s sleep), and they wick away moisture; this ensures that during the colder months you stay warm and dry, and during the hotter time of year, you stay cool.

The sheets also have antibacterial and biodegradable properties and to ensure that they retain these qualities throughout their life span, they need to be taken care of properly. Follow these steps to ensure that your bamboo sheets stay perfect for years to come.


When your new sheets arrive, ensure that they are washed before putting them on the bed, quality bamboo sheets are usually over-sized to allow for a small amount of shrinkage and pre-washing them will ensure they are the right fit for your bed; use cool water with a mild and environmentally friendly detergent. The eco detergents are much better for your sheets, as not only are they good for the environment by providing usable grey water, they are gentle to the sheet fibres and ensure that your sheets stay silky and soft too – bonus! Make sure that the cycle you use is mild, and do not wash anything else at the same time. You can hand wash them if you choose – which places less stress on the fibres – but this isn’t essential. It is not recommended to ever use bleach or fabric softeners on your bamboo sheets, as it can cause damage to them. To brighten them up and add additional freshness, try adding baking soda to the wash cycle.


After your sheets have been washed, next is the drying stage. Ideally use a washing line if the weather is suitable and you have the availability. If you decide to tumble dry instead, opt for a milder setting so the fibres are protected, and don’t tumble them for longer than is needed. When your sheets are dry, remove them straight away to prevent any wrinkles from forming.


There’s nothing better than getting into fresh ironed sheets in bed! When your sheets are dry and it’s time to iron, ensure that your iron is on a very low heat setting so that the fibres in the sheets are not damaged. Avoid using steam; with the fibres being so absorbent, using steam can actually damage the sheets. Please note that it is not essential to iron your bamboo sheets as they will perform just as well without it, but if you are so inclined…go for it!


Most of us are used to storing our sheets where ever is convenient or in a dedicated drawer or cupboard. As with all sheets however, it might pay to take special care to decide where your bamboo sheets will be kept when not in use. Keep them away from heat such as near a floor vent or radiator, and avoid using cupboards that could be affected by changes in temperature such as a cupboard near a water heater.

Sheets as lovely as bamboo sheets benefit from love and attention from the minute they arrive at your door; they’ll provide you with countless wonderful night’s sleep, so ensuring their proper care means you can enjoy them for many years!

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