How Many Different Towels Will You Need This Summer?

Posted by Bamboo Village on 24th Oct 2019

The Heat Is on...
And That Means Pool Rules Are In Play.

Get Hot.
Get Wet.
Towel Off.

As the days heat up into the back end of Spring, we'll use any method available to get wet and cool off.

Whether you're a pool swimmer, beach paddler, shower hog, or that guy who walks through the golf course when the fairway is due for a drink - you're going to need to dry off after you get your cool fix.

We have a huge range of colourful bamboo towels, hamam wraps, and even baby towels to dry off after you've freshened up.

Beach, Gym, Pool, & Picnics?

This selection of towels are the perfect ones to use as utility towels. They work just fine in the bathroom - but they also work perfectly as pool towels, beach towels, and for the gym.

Baksana Hamam Wraps can even be used as a picnic blanket or be folded in half and used as a shawl!

And, just quietly, there are limited numbers and they are currently on sale. ;)

Prepare With Utility Towels >

Precious Babes Need Gentle Towels

Our range of towels for babies are super gentle and soft on your babies skin at bath time. Clean up all their little (and big) messes while caring for your babies skin with the soft touch of natural bamboo toweling. The naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of bamboo help give parents all across Australia piece of mind.

Get Your Baby The Best >

Make Life Easy - Get It All At Once

Our carefully curated range of bamboo bath towel sets is a wonderful way to add some buying power value to your order and save a bit of time as well.

If you're someone who likes to get the whole job done quick - towel packs are the thing for you.

Set Yourself Up With Towel Sets >

Big & Beautiful!

Do you love an oversized bath towel?

Our quality Bamboo Bath Sheets wick moisture away from the body better than other fibres - and with a bit of extra size, we guarantee you won't be wet when you're done.

Wrap Yourself Up In Luxury >

Just Keep It Simple

When you don't need extra fluff - BUT you do want a good quality, beautiful, durable bamboo towel that is comfortable against the skin, resistant to odours, and will get the job done.

Bamboo Bath Towels.

Browse The Bath Towels >

Always Wash & Dry Your Hands

It's always handy to have a few of these on hand for the spare bathroom or next to the laundry sink to dry wet hands.

Grab Some Spare Hand Towels >

Clean Face = Happy Face

There's nothing better to lather up with than a bamboo face washer.
They're gentle on the skin, soft, fluffy, and hold moisture well the way a face washer should.

They also make for excellent make-up removes!

View All Face Washers >

Don't Forget Your Feet

Whether you've been working all day in heavy boots, crammed into dress shoes, or just got back from a marathon -your feet have been working hard and feeling all the bumps along the way.

Give those babies a well-earned, comfortable break from the stress with something luxurious to stand on after washing the day away. Our gorgeous, soft, textured bamboo bath mats will have them feeling much nicer.

Treat Your Feet >