International Deliveries During COVID-19

International Deliveries During COVID-19

Posted by Bamboo Village on 27th May 2020

Hi Bamboo Villagers - new and old,

As you are probably well aware by now - COVID-19 has been causing disruptions to life, business, travel, and all the things in between for several months, including our capacity to get parcels to your doorstep bang on time.

Within Australia - we are only experiencing occasional and minor delays of 1-2 extra days to some locations. 

However, international deliveries are experiencing longer than expected delivery times - and deliveries are entirely suspended to some destinations for the short term.

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on global flights, which would be causing difficulties for postal services everywhere. AusPost has been securing more capacity on the limited flights that are running to increase its ability to fulfil deliveries faster, so expected delivery times are being improved week to week.

View the current expected delivery wait times for most international deliveries below - and please note that ALL of our international deliveries are sent EXPRESS. (Hit Ctrl and "+" to zoom)

IF you are unable to enter your address at the checkout - this means that parcel delivery service is currently suspended to your delivery country. This will only be temporary and we expect delivery to open back up to almost everywhere by July 2020.

For updates on International delivery times, visit AusPost.