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Introducing The 4 Seasons Quilt

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Oh, it's a bit chilly out there! You can definitely feel it when you get in to bed on a night, brrrrr. It might be time for a warmer duvet, and we certainly can help you with autumn and winter warmth when it comes to bed time.

Our Alpaca and Bamboo Natural Fibre Quilts are pretty special. If you haven't come across them before, they combine these two lovely natural fibres that complement each other for an ideal sleeping environment. The unique blend of 50% Alpaca fleece and 50% Bamboo fibre provides superior temperature-regulating properties, unparalleled softness, high absorbency and makes the quilt noticeably lightweight – distinct attributes of a particularly good quilt!

A real hit with our customers worldwide, we recently added a new duvet weight to the collection that is rather special for this time of year, and all year-long in fact.

It's the '4 Seasons' Quilt.

This quilt consists of 2 quilts - one 200gsm and another 300gsm that can be used separately. They are joined together with plastic snaps. This allows you to use the 200gsm in spring and summer, and the 300gsm in autumn or winter. Together, it is the equivalent of 3-4 blankets! This a great option if you would only like to use one duvet all year long.

Your duvet choice depends on your own personal preference and temperature when it comes to sleeping, as well as the climate that you live in. Our personal recommendation is this newAll-Season 200gsm + 300gsm for all year-round use; due to being 2 separate duvets, you can make it cooler or warmer depending on the time of year.

What are the two materials like?

Bamboo is...

Luxuriously soft - softer than any high thread count material such as premium cotton, which makes it simply outstanding to sleep under.

Highly absorbent – skin is kept dry and comfortable as moisture is wicked away from the skin to keep you cool in summer, warm in winter.

Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic so it's gentle on sensitive skin

Alpaca is...

Naturally clean – one of the more natural and cleaner fibres. Unlike sheep, Alpacas do not attract parasites that would require them to be chemically drenched. Also, Alpaca fleece is not coated in lanolin so no chemicals are needed to clean the fibre once shorn.

Lightweight – Alpaca fibre is semi-hollow which makes it uniquely lightweight, yet warm

Superior thermal and warmth performance – the semi-hollow feature makes Alpaca wool particularly ideal for keeping warmth in when you most need it.

To compare all of the Alpaca quilts available, use this handy guide to find the right one for you.

Ready to find your perfect Bamboo & Alpaca quilt? 

You’ll never return to your old quilt again!

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