Introducing The Bamboo Woven Collection

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We have a stunning new range called the Bamboo Woven Collection. We're so excited about it! How is it 'woven', we hear you ask? Essentially, the threads of bamboo have been woven together when they have been made to create a texture that is very 'linen-like'. It is firmer than the traditional bamboo fabric and doesn't stretch.

The same raw bamboo is used to create the new woven fabric, and it is produced with the same amount of care as our other garments.

Some of the new woven pieces include a little bit or organic cotton; this gives them a little bit of built-in structure. The others contain traditional 100% bamboo fabric.

In terms of care for the new woven collection, treat it the same as your would traditional bamboo fabric. When washing, turn inside out. Machine wash in cold or warm water. Wash with other soft garments and avoid washing with any denim or velcro. When available, use a lingerie bag to protect the garment. Wash with like colours and dry on the line in the shade, or tumble dry on a cool setting. Do not wring, rub or twist.

In terms of our favourites, we simply can't decide! With 8 new pieces in the collection, we know you're going to find your personal favourites. Check out the entire collection here.

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