Make Father’s Day Eco-Friendly

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Father’s Day is on Sunday September 3rd this year, and if your Dad or someone special is really eco-friendly, it’s a great time to show them love while showing love towards the environment too. From a picnic, to going ‘green’ on the green, treat him to a truly green day with these eco-friendly ideas.

Local Farm Fresh

If a rather delicious meal is on the cards this Father’s Day, go super eco-friendly and get everything local. Head to the farmers market and see what is in season. From the freshest seasonal veg to his favourite meat, knowing it is locally produced will add a special eco-friendly touch to his day. If you grow your own herbs or vegetables, add these to the dish too and rustle up some yummy baked treats using locally supplied ingredients. 

Plastic Free Picnic

There's nothing nicer than a picnic all together! If you use plastic cutlery and paper plates, ensure that everything is recycled properly afterwards; this saves both the environment, and you having to do the washing-up. Alternatively use reusable plates, knives and forks. If there is any food left over (and you don't plan on eating it later), ask guests to package it up in a bag and use it on your own compost pile.You will all enjoy a delicious meal that won’t add to your carbon footprint the way a large meal from the supermarket might do. 

Green Brew

A really special treat is sharing a beer with that special someone on Father’s Day. Rather than getting his usual drink of choice at the store, shop around and look for some great organic and local beers that are truly green and eco-friendly. You might find something he really likes, while supporting local companies at the same time. Bonus.

Go Green On The Green

Head outdoors! Nothing is more eco-friendly than being outside for Father’s Day. Take him golfing, or to a nature park. Take the whole family on a walk around his favourite lake and nature watch as you walk.

Dress Eco

If he loves being eco-friendly, treat his wardrobe! Since bamboo requires no chemicals and very little water to grow, it is an environmental wonder-plant. As if this were not enough, bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide from the air than either cotton or timber. It also releases more oxygen into the environment which improves air quality. Cotton farming, on the other hand, famously requires extensive irrigation and chemical spraying - a single cotton T-shirt can use up to 2700 litres of water in the growing process! Bamboo is by far the greener option and your Dad will love it! Shop bamboo clothing for him here

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