Singlet Specials: "Sun's Out - Guns Out!"

Posted by Bamboo Village on 11th Nov 2019

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Public Service Announcement...

The heat is on. The sun is out. And it is highly advisable to start wearing cooling bamboo fabric against the skin, seeking shade, drinking plenty of water; slip-slop-slapping; and letting the guns out!

In Short - It's Singlet Weather!

And we're doing our bit to help Bamboo Villagers
prepare for a scorcher summer!

Selected Singlets

Bamboo singlets wick moisture away and thermoregulate better to keep you feeling fresher for longer.
Prepare for summer with these discounted singlets!

Obsession Active Singlet

bt Lola Singlet

bt Men's Singlet

Kingston Grange Women's Sleeveless Shirt

bt Men's Sleeveless Tees

bt Women's Slim Fit Singlet

Obsession Midi Bra Top

Bamboo Body Women's Relaxed Singlet