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Time to refresh your towels!

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Autumn definitely calls for more chilling, 'me' time, and cozy baths and relaxing showers, especially when it's so cold outside. 

This makes it a great time to refresh your towels... and bamboo towels are the perfect seasonal treat. 

With several different brands to choose from and a whole array of delightful colours, we hope you enjoy choosing the perfect towels from the village!

There's nothing worse than drying your hands on a worn-out old towel. Our super soft bamboo numbers are here to the rescue!

bt Hand Towels - multiple colours - $17.50

Baksana Hand Towels - multiple colours - $21.95

Mulberry Threads. Co Hand Towels - while stocks last - 3 colours - $24.95

bt Original Hand Towels - while stocks last - 3 colours - $14.95

Your morning will become so much more efficient with the addition of our bamboo hair towels!

bt Absorbent Hair Towels - 3 colours - $15.00

Bit tired after work? Need a good ol' soak in the tub? Have a blissful hour and then dry yourself with a gorgeous bamboo towel.

bt Bath Towels - multiple colours - $53.95

Baksana Bath Towels - multiple colours - $54.95

Mulberry Threads. Co Bath Towels - White only - while stocks last - $44.95

bt Original Towel - 3 colours - while stocks last - $42.00

Treat your face to a little bamboo goodness with one of these delights. Try our body mittens too; a great lathering tool for the shower or bath; it simply slips over your hand and can be used to lather and scrub your body.

bt Face Washers - multiple colours - $5.95

Baksana Face Cloths - multiple colours - $9.95

bt Original Face Washer - limited Stock - $4.95

Mulberry Threads. Co Face Cloths - while stocks last - 2 colours - $9.95

bt Body Mitten - 8 colours - $6.95

ink your feet in to one of these snug mats after a shower or bath and your feet will feel so soft!

bt Bath Mats - multiple colours - $32.95

Baksana Bath Mats - multiple colours - $44.95

Mulberry Threads. Co Bath Mats - while stocks last - 5 colours - $44.95

bt Original Bath Mats - while stocks last - $24.95

Love a bit of a bigger towel? Bath sheets are great! They're simply a big hug in a towel. You'll love all of these.

bt Bath Sheets - multiple colours - $67.50

Baksana Bath Sheets - multiple colours - $98.95

Mulberry Threads. Co Bath Sheets - while stocks last - 2 colours - $59.95

bt Original Bath Sheet - Limited stock - $47.50

There are limited numbers available of the bt Original towel – and they make the perfect gym towel. Available in ivory, red or black while stock lasts.

bt Original Towel - 3 colours - while stocks last - $42.00

Towel sets are so convenient and amazing value. We have them available as single sets, for couples, guests and families.

bt Towel Sets - multiple colour choices - From $71.95

Mulberry Threads. Co Towel Sets - while stocks last - From $74.95

Baksana Towel Sets - multiple colours - From $79.95

Dry sensitive skin quickly with the most gentle baby towel. The Little Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel is made of a unique blend of bamboo rayon and cotton making it extraordinarily soft and super absorbent!

Little Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel - 2 colours - $24.95

Post bath or shower, envelop yourself in one of these beauties. It is the BEST. Giving great coverage for the cooler weather with full-length sleeves and knee-length cut, a belted wrap front allows you to easily slip it on or off.

bt Bath Robe - 3 colours - $154.00-$189.00

Treat someone special (or yourself) to the bt Luxury Bathroom Gift Pack. It features a stunning collection of customer favourites from Bamboo Textiles, and will be a gift they'll thank you for all year long! Each set includes: Bath Robe, Towel or Bath Sheet, Bath Mat, Hand Towel, Face Washer and Body Mitten.

bt Luxury Bathroom Gift Pack - 3 colours - $248.00-$260.50

SAVE $20 on both until midnight May 20th, 2019. with code BTMAY20

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