Refresh your bamboo basics!

Posted by Bamboo Village on 31st Jul 2019

One of the best things about an efficient wardrobe?When you can reach for your basic, yet very essential, items. The items that go with anything, are reliable and comfortable and can be paired with ot … read more

Bamboo socks for winter

Posted by Bamboo Village on 4th Jul 2019

The worst thing about winter? Cold feet! You don't have to suffer though... bamboo socks are coming to your rescue. Thermo-regulating, they keep your feet snug and warm when the chills are about … read more

Time to treat your feet with bamboo socks

Posted by Bamboo Village on 21st May 2019

Over the cooler seasons, it's super important to ensure you're comfortable and warm, which includes your precious feet. The good news? Bamboo fibre regulates your temperature, keeping you wa … read more

Brand NEW socks are in the village!

Posted by Bamboo Village on 27th Feb 2019

Sock drawer feeling a little bit uninspired? Find yourself rustling through the washing pile looking for your sole pair of good socks? This might mean it is time to buy some new socks... … read more

6 eco-friendly ways to stay warm over winter

Posted by Bamboo Village on 23rd Jul 2018

It's official - it's pretty cold out there!This week, temperatures reached 2.7 degrees in Sydney early on a morning - brrr. That's some super cold weather. We're all on a quest to stay warm. … read more