Time to refresh your towels!

Posted by Bamboo Village on 16th May 2019

Autumn definitely calls for more chilling, 'me' time, and cozy baths and relaxing showers, especially when it's so cold outside.  This makes it a great time to refresh your towels … read more

The Differences Between Our Towel & Sheet Brands

Posted by Bamboo Village on 20th Jul 2016

If you're in love with our Mulberry Thread Co. towels and sheets as much as we are, you might be wondering what makes them different to our Baksana bamboo towels and our Bambusa bamboo … read more

Be Kind To The Environment When You Work Out

Posted by Bamboo Village on 6th Jun 2016

When you’re feeling energetic and heading to do some exercise, have you considered how ‘green’ you can make your workout? Tiny little changes can make all the difference!  Your Workout Bo … read more

Bamboo Vs. Cotton – What’s better?

Posted by Bamboo Village on 26th Feb 2015

Bamboo comes with so many wonderful advantages as a material, and one of our favourite ones is its comparison next to cotton. When it has been tested in similarity with polyester and cotton, it come … read more