The Differences Between Our Towel & Sheet Brands

Posted by Bamboo Village on 20th Jul 2016

If you're in love with our Mulberry Thread Co. towels and sheets as much as we are, you might be wondering what makes them different to our Baksana bamboo towels and our Bambusa bamboo sheets! We've rounded up the differences here. If you have any questions about the new range, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What makes our Mulberry Thread Co. sheets different from our Bambusa bamboo sheets?

Mulberry Thread Co. bamboo sheets are sateen weave, Bambusa bamboo sheets are twill weave.

A twill bamboo weave is a tight weave, resulting in a soft and strong fabric. Bamboo twill sheets do not pill. A sateen bamboo weave is a longer weave, resulting in a 'satin' appearance and feel, that isn't slippery. This makes them a bit softer than twill with a satin feel. Since these sheets aren't treated with any chemicals, they may pill during initial use, but this is removed during the washing/drying process.

Both are equally popular when it comes to bamboo sheets; it comes down to personal preference.

The thread count (TC) of the Mulberry Thread Co. bamboo sheets is 350TC, whist our Bambusa bamboo sheets are approx 180TC. Tip - be wary of choosing your sheets based on thread count! It's not a reliable measure of quality as it's unregulated and subject to interpretation.

What makes our Mulberry Thread Co. towels different from our Baksana bamboo towels?

Mulberry Thread Co. towels have a 600gsm pile, whilst Baksana are a little thicker at 700gsm - both are lovely and soft.

Mulberry Thread Co. towels feel a little silkier than Baksana towels.

Both towels have the same soft bamboo feel.

The absorbency rate is slightly lower than Baksana towels, as they are not quite as thick. Still very absorbent and much better than any regular cotton towel. As they are lighter than Baksana towels, the Mulberry Thread Co. tend to dry faster after use.

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