What To Look Out For When Buying Bamboo Sheets

What To Look Out For When Buying Bamboo Sheets

Posted by Bamboo Village on 21st May 2013

Many people may have heard a bit about the superior benefits of really good quality bamboo sheets, such as the Bambusa bamboo sheets that we stock. However, many more are likely to be unsure of exactly what they should be looking out for when they are buying their own bamboo sheets for the first time. How can you make sure that you buy what are genuinely the finest sheets?

There’s no need to spend hours trying to compare brands or fabric blends for quality. If you follow our simple guide and ask a few straightforward questions, then you are can ensure that you will end up buying simply the best bamboo sheets available:

What is the shrinkage factor?

When looking into different types of bamboo sheets, you need to consider whether they are likely to shrink after washing. This is normal with standards sheets, but some of the best bamboo sheets are pre-shrunk so that when you buy them and then wash them, further shrinkage is greatly reduced. They should fit your bed after a few washes and continue to fit perfectly.

Will they pull? - The best sheets have been twill-woven from cellulose from 100% bamboo. They will therefore be as strong as they are soft and resistant to pilling or threads unraveling from snags or at the edges. If you then follow the laundry and care instructions, they should last in that condition for a very long time.

Are they 100% bamboo or a blend? – Truly the best bamboo sheets will be made from 100% organically grown bamboo. These pure sheets are far softer than any blended fabrics or even high count cotton sheets.

How is the fabric woven – will it last? - As superior bamboo sheets are twill-woven, make sure you look out for this when choosing your own. This manner of weaving builds strength into the fabric, making it unlikely to tear and giving it genuine durability. Twill-woven bamboo sheets also feel fantastic to sleep in.

What size are the sheets? - Look out for pre-shrunk sheets that come in sizes that will perfectly fit modern mattresses. The best ranges will offer you a choice from King Single up to Mega King, with each size fitting superbly.

Can they be tumble dried if needed? – The highest quality bamboo sheets, which are machine washable at low temperatures, usually recommend that products be line dried, but they may also be tumbled dry on a low setting if required.

Will they stay soft? – The cream of bamboo sheets will stay beautifully soft for years if the care instructions are followed. The twill-weaving of the fabric also helps ensure that they stay silky soft with a natural lustre.

Does the retailer provide a guarantee for the quality? – As there are a number of inferior bamboo products to be found online and elsewhere, it important only to use a retailer who is so confident in the quality of their products that they are prepared to honour a guarantee of quality. At Bamboo Village, we have a returns policy that is available to all customers in the unlikely event that a product is not as they wished.

However, we pride ourselves on providing the most superior goods, every time. We only stock the highest quality Bambusa bamboo sheets, which meet every one of the above criteria for selection, you can always be assured of their superior weave, softness, fit, durability and lustre. Read more about the benefits of our beautifulBamboo Sheets.