Bamboo Towels by Mulberry Threads Co. - Face Cloth

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Introducing our brand new Bamboo face cloth/washer from Mulberry Threads Co..

These face cloths are made in Turkey from a delightful blend of the finest bamboo fibres and organic cotton (50/50). The long loops of bamboo yarn create a wonderfully plush, soft texture that is supported by a cotton backing. This ensures a durable and strong face cloth that is 60% more absorbent than cotton face cloths. 

Coming with the great benefits that bamboo provides, the face cloths are also:

- Hypoallergenic: great for sensitive skin

- Naturally anti-bacterial: making them less susceptible to odours

- Biodegradable: very eco-friendly

What makes these Mulberry Threads Co. face cloths different from our regular bamboo face cloths?

Mulberry Threads Co. face cloths have a 600gsm pile, whilst Baksana are a little thicker at 700gsm - both are lovely and soft.

The absorbency rate is slightly lower than Baksana face cloths, as they are not quite as thick. Still very absorbent and much better than any regular cotton cloth. As they are lighter than Baksana towels, the Mulberry Threads Co. face cloths tend to dry faster after use.

Size Guide For Mulberry Threads Co.

30 x 40cm

Fabric Composition & Care

50% bamboo and 50% organic cotton. Wash in cold water away from other items using a delicate laundry detergent. Washing machines that load from the front should set the spin cycle to 800rpm or less. Do not use anything that contains optical brighteners or bleaching agents. To dry, do so on the line or tumble dry on the cool and delicate setting.