Little Bamboo Cellular Blanket - Bassinet


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    The Bamboo Airflow Cellular Blanket is designed to create a soft, breathable and sleep-inducing environment for your baby's optimal growth and development. Like all our Little Bamboo products, our cellular blanket is thermo-regulating so baby is warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Bamboo fabric resists odours and inhibits bacteria growth, so nightime feeds and leaking bottles will be less of a problem. The larger holes in the cellular blanket promote breathing safety for babies - especially newborns - as they allow air to move through the fabric.

    Bamboo is a natural, renewable plant that is organically grown with no need for pesticides and little need for water. The resulting bamboo fibre makes a luxurious eco-friendly alternative for your baby's nursery essentials. Bamboo fabric is known for its moisture-wicking, breathable, anti-bacterial and thermo-regulating properties along with its superior absorbency and unrivalled softness. All these functions are blended in with the hallmark consistency of cotton. The combination results in brilliantly silky-soft, highly-functional, quality and affordable bedding that is ideal for baby’s sensitive skin and unique needs.

    Made with a unique blend of 50% bamboo rayon and 50% cotton, this fabric is a tech innovation of one of the most popular and long-standing ranges of bamboo baby textiles in Australia,– The Little Linen Company. 


    Unrivalled softness - Baby stays comfortable - like being wrapped in or laid on the finest silk for that ideal sleep-inducing environment. Bamboo fibre is known for its unbeatable softness.

    Superior absorbency – Helps baby stay dry amidst burps, wet accidents and humid days.

    Moisture-wicking – Moisture is absorbed into the fabric to keep dampness off the skin.

    Thermo-regulating – Keeps baby’s temperature warmer during colder nights and around 2 degrees cooler during hot and humid weather.

    Naturally antibacterial – Bamboo fibre retain some of the natural antibacterial properties of bamboo to keep moist and wet accidents from inviting unwanted odour and organisms.

    Dimensions: Bassinet blanket - 100cm x 85cm (39in x 29in), Cot blanket 150cm x 120cm (59in x 47in).

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