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Approved Competition Uniform

Our superb socks, made from natural bamboo fibre, have been approved by Bowls Australia for use as competition uniform. In fact, Bamboo Textiles Australia is a licensed manufacturer for Bowls Australia. Our Bamboo Bowls Socks feature all the benefits of our Crew and Health Bamboo Socks listed below, plus they sport the distinguished Bowls Australia logo which makes these socks ideal for wearing during bowls competitions.


Key Benefits of Bamboo Bowls Socks

  • Enjoy truly superior comfort - The superbly silky and soft feel of our Bamboo Bowls Socks allows you to experience real pleasure and comfort as your compete in this exciting sport.
  • Strong and durable - When you bowl, you need socks you can trust as your feet do their work. Our Bamboo Bowls Socks are very hard-wearing - with extra padding in the soles, plus reinforced toes and heels they are made to last and last without letting you down.
  • Extra-dry comfort - Super-absorbent bamboo fibres keep moisture away from your skin, leaving feet clean and dry. Stay comfortable and in great shape for the whole bowling session.
  • Hypo-allergenic - The natural fibres are very gentle on the skin, making them perfect for those who have found themselves to be allergic to wool or man-made fibres such as nylon.
  • Odour-reducing - The breathable bamboo fibre is also naturally antibacterial, which greatly helps eliminate unpleasant foot odour.
  • All-weather comfort - These thermo-regulating bamboo socks are designed for bowling in all temperatures and remarkably they can keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • Low maintenance - The bamboo fibres require less washing than many other materials, meaning that our socks are practical to use and hassle-free.
  • Eco-friendly - The bamboo socks are both sustainable and biodegradable.
  • Great value for money - you will not find socks of this excellent quality available at such exceptional prices anywhere else in Australia.

You'll be completely bowled over by these fantastic socks!

If we don't have the colour, size or amount of socks you are after please contact us and let us know. We receive shipments a few times a week and would be more than happy to get the socks in for you!

Sizing Guide For Bamboo Textiles

Shoe Size*
M4-6 / W6-8
M6-10 / W8-11
M10-14 / W11+
*M=Mens W=Womens

Fabric Composition & Care

Short and Long Bowls Socks: 64% Bamboo, 28% Coolplus and 8% Elastane. No Nylon!

Health Bowls Socks: 46% Bamboo, 20% Bamboo Charcoal Fibre, 28% Cotton and 6% Elastane. No Nylon!

To care for your socks, wash them on the cold setting in the washing machine, and avoid using bleach. Dry them on the line outside. They can be tumble tried on the warm setting if they are slightly damp on overcast days. Do not wash with clothing that has velcro attached, as this will pull the fibres in the socks