Bamboo Invisisocks - Half | 2-PACK

Bamboo Textiles Australia


Invisible socks are great when you're wearing trainers or low cut shoes and want to 'hide' your socks.

Not only do they 'hide' your socks, the bamboo aspect takes it one step further. Encompassing all the wonderful aspects of bamboo, these socks will help reduce your foot odour and keep your feet drier due to their absorbency levels. This reduces this chance of foot nasties including blisters and fungal infections.

This Invisisock Half is especially ideal for trainers. Also available in an Invisisock Quarter style for shoes with a lower cut.


Key Benefits of Bamboo Socks

  • Enjoy the outstanding comfort - Our Bamboo Socks are wonderfully soft, with cosy material that wraps the foot without rubbing.
  • Strong and durable - Reward your hard-working feet with superior socks.
  • All-weather action - The thermo-regulating fabric ensures that your feet are well taken care of. They will stay cosy and warm in the cold weather and comfortably cool when it is hot.
  • Extra-dry comfort - Super-absorbent bamboo fibres keep moisture away from your skin, leaving feet clean and dry.
  • Odour-reducing - Stay fresh as the naturally anti-bacterial bamboo fibres keep foot odour to a minimum.
  • Hypo-allergenic - The eco-friendly bamboo fibres are kind to the skin.
  • Low maintenance - The bamboo fibres do not need to be washed as often as other materials, so these socks require a minimum of laundry care.
  • Great value for money - you will not find socks of this excellent quality available at such exceptional prices anywhere else in Australia.

Sizing Guide For Bamboo Textiles

Shoe Size*
M4-6 / W6-8
M6-10 / W8-11
*M=Mens W=Womens

Fabric Composition & Care

40% bamboo / 40% coolplus / 20% elastane.

To care for your socks, wash them on the cold setting in the washing machine, and avoid using bleach. Dry them on the line outside. They can be tumble tried on the warm setting if they are slightly damp on overcast days. Do not wash with clothing that has velcro attached, as this will pull the fibres in the socks.