Faster Drying Bamboo Work Socks | Mid-Calf Length

Bamboo Textiles Australia


When you're out on the job, what you wear on your feet needs to be strong and comfy to protect your feet. Our Faster Drying Bamboo Work Socks offer something extraordinary; they provide super comfort during the day that lasts, as well as much greater practicality than the average everyday sock. Your run of the mill average sock barely touches the surface of what these socks provide and we guarantee you will notice the difference immediately.

These socks have been designed with hard-working feet in mind, combining a soft and luxurious feel with genuine, man-sized practicality. No matter what you're doing day to day and no matter what the weather brings, these will go with you from A to Z.

They are a mid-length sock and offer half the drying time of regular work socks, making them ideal when you're travelling and need a quick-dry solution. With included bamboo fibre they are soft and absorbent, however, the percentage is lower than our regular bamboo work socks which means there is reduced anti-bacterial effect in the Fast Dry Socks.

While our Extra Thick Bamboo Work Socks require less washing (they can be worn for up to a week without being washed for some - what a marvel!), the quick dry version develops odour after a day or two of wear, so it's best to have a few pairs on hand to get you through the week.

*Coolplus is a fibre that protects your skin to keep it healthy with its moisture and sweat management functionality.


These bamboo socks are for you if you:

  • wear work boots
  • need to wash your socks overnight and wear them the next day
  • have smelly or sweaty feet

- Mid-length

- Half the drying time of regular work socks

Sizing Guide For Bamboo Textiles

Shoe Size*
M4-6 / W6-8
M6-10 / W8-11
M10-14 / W11+
*M=Mens W=Womens
If we don't have the colour, size or amount of socks you are after please contact us and let us know. We receive shipments a few times a week and would be more than happy to get the socks in for you!

Fabric Composition & Care

46% Bamboo / 46% Coolplus* / 8% Elastane. No Nylon!

To care for your socks, wash them on the cold setting in the washing machine, and avoid using bleach. Dry them on the line outside. They can be tumble tried on the warm setting if they are slightly damp on overcast days. Do not wash with clothing that has velcro attached, as this will pull the fibres in the socks.