Little Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel

Little Bamboo


Dry sensitive skin quickly with the most gentle baby towel. The Little Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel is made of a unique blend of bamboo rayon and cotton making it extraordinarily soft and super absorbent.

Bamboo fibre has become known for its unrivalled softness so every pat of this towel on your baby's skin is sure to be a treat. Sewn with a hood to dry and snuggle baby after a refreshing bath and sized generously without being overwhelmingly large. Suitable for use for toddlers too.


The blend of 70% bamboo rayon and 30% cotton provides:

  • Unrivalled softness - much softer than a cotton towel.
  • Super absorbent - bamboo is four times more absorbent than cotton and this towel will dry baby fast with the gentlest pat, minimising irritation.
  • Moisture-wicking - moisture is wicked off the skin and onto the air to keep off dampness after bath time.
  • Naturally antibacterial - Bamboo fibre retains some of the natural antibacterial properties of bamboo so each pat and touch with the Little Bamboo Hooded Towel is kind to baby's sensitive skin

Size: 75cm x 75cm