Little Bamboo Muslin Washers | 6-PACK

Little Bamboo


These are not your average washers. Our Little Bamboo Muslin Washers are so soft and delicate, you can use them as tooth cleaning cloths! Made with fabulous bamboo fibres, these muslin washers are perfectly gentle on baby's skin, even on the most sensitive areas.

Bamboo fibre has become known for its unrivalled softness among other things and when blended by the tech pioneers of bamboo muslin swaddles (The Little Linen Company), you'll notice the difference in when you use these washers.

Use these muslin washers to dry, clean up or wipe off - they're sized just right for just about any nursery need. Each pack carries 6 washers so you'll always have more to reach for when you need one.


Muslin from 70% Bamboo / 30% cotton provide:

    • Unrivalled softness - suitable for the most sensitive of skin so patting and wiping is easy on baby. No harsh tugging necessary. The gentlest pat is all it takes so irritation is minimised.
    • Super absorbent - Absorbs water to easily transport water to areas that need cleaning.
    • Moisture-wicking - moisture is wicked off the skin and onto the air to keep off dampness.
    • Naturally antibacterial - Bamboo fibre retains some of the natural antibacterial properties of bamboo so each pat and touch with the Little Bamboo Muslin Washer is kind to baby's sensitive skin

Each muslin washer is a generous 30cm x 30cm (11in x 11in). Pack of 6.