Little Bamboo Muslin Wraps | 3-PACK

Little Bamboo


Our Little Bamboo Muslin Wraps are the ultimate go-to for most of your nursery needs. All the functionality needed for the perfect muslin wrap bundled in the silky-soft goodness of bamboo and the technical expertise of The Little Bamboo brand. Soft and durable--a must have for any nursery!

What makes a good muslin swaddling wrap?

Bamboo muslin swaddling wraps are versatile and can be used as a lightweight blanket, burp cloth, towel or a change mat. For this versatility, a muslin wrap should be hard-wearing and able to withstand stretch and washes. Balancing textile construction and composition is second nature to The Little Bamboo--with 40 years of experience in providing quality nursery textile.

Apart from the quality that's marked by the Little Bamboo brand, these muslin wraps are generously sized to cater to any nursery needs you or your baby may encounter. 3-pack bundle means there's more to reach for and use at a moment's notice.


  • Unrivalled softness - Baby stays comfortable like being wrapped in or laid on the finest silk. Bamboo fibre is known for its unbeatable softness--softer than any high-thread count cotton.
  • Super absorbent - Dries up baby faster even with the gentlest pat and keeps them drier than any alternative fibre.
  • Thermo-regulating - Use as a base to keep baby’s temperature warmer during colder nights and keep them around 2 degrees cooler during hot and humid weather.
  • Naturally antibacterial - Bamboo fibre retain some of the natural antibacterial properties of bamboo so each pat and touch with the muslin is kind to baby's sensitive skin
  • Odour-free - Keep babies smelling clean with the antimicrobial properties of bamboo fibre.

Size 120cm x 120cm (47in x 47in) per wrap
Composition: 70% Viscose from Bamboo/ 30% Cotton