Men's 100% Bamboo Scarf

Bamboo Textiles Australia


Add style and warmth to any outfit with this sophisticated bamboo scarf, gentlemen.

As smart as it is versatile, it does duty as a wrap, shawl or a sunshade. Crafted from 100% bamboo fibre, it comes with all of the benefits of bamboo, ensuring that you remain both comfortable and fresh, regardless of the season or activity.

The resistance to UV rays from the sun in the bamboo fabric will also provide an added layer of protection against the damaging influence of the sun's rays, which can take their toll on skin even in the chilliest weather.

Select your favourite shade from three stunning colours. Throw it on for a casual stroll with your jeans, or pair with your smarts for work; these will go with everything.


180 X 32 cm

Fabric Composition and Care

100% bamboo. Wash on a cool cycle, and dry in the shade.