Sock Card - Xmas Pac-Man



Perfect Christmas Sock for Gamers!

If 'tis the season for jolly socks, Christmas trees, and gift boxes - then do we have the perfect gift card for you?! Yes. Yes, we do. :)

We've made gifting a breeze this Christmas with our Bamboozld Xmas PAC-MAN Sock Card.

We've got you covered not only with one of our signature Bamboo blend socks that they will love, but it comes perfectly packed in a matching Gift Card --- All you need to do is write your personalised message inside the card and your done!

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They are unbelievably comfortable - A daily treat for your feet, you'll never want to take them off.

Fun, Fun, Fun - Lovely, Christmas fun design

Odour-reducing - Your feet will stay fresh due to the naturally anti-bacterial bamboo fibre that reduces the bacteria that causes foot odour. What a weight off your mind.

Help you stay dry - Had that wet foot feeling?! It's not nice. In these socks, the highly absorbent bamboo fibre keeps sweat away from the skin, making sure that feet remain dry and comfortable, even if it is rain or shine.

Year-round comfort - Worried that these are seasonal? Worry not! As the socks are thermo-regulating, they will keep your feet warmer in winter and cooler in summer. What a bonus.

Hypo-allergenic - The natural bamboo fibres are really gentle on skin, making these socks ideal for those with allergies to wool or man-made fibres such as nylon.

Healthy Feet. These Bamboo socks have strong anti – bacterial and anti – fungal properties helping to keep your feet healthy and hygienic


Made from a blend of 80% bamboo / 15% polyester / 5% elastaine.

Warm wash on medium cycle, warm rinse, normal spin and line dry. Do not tumble dry, iron or bleach.