Weddings are an excellent time to show someone how much you love and value them. When you give bamboo wedding gifts, you're not just providing a household necessity, you're also bestowing a unique and charming present on someone you value and respect. Plus, bamboo is an ecologically responsible, highly versatile material that lends itself to a number of amazing and lovely applications. Let your affection for them show on their special day with a variety of household goods and special, artfully crafted essentials.

From exquisite, piercework timepieces to supplely soft bed and bath linen goods, there is something to please everyone. Bamboo textiles are softer and more absorbent than cotton, making them especially comfortable against shower-fresh skin or a sleeping body. In addition, bamboo's naturally thermoregulating and antimicrobial properties will keep those linens smelling fresh and feeling cool, no matter what the season.