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"Bamboo Village and especially Helen Langley have been fantastic, we were new to internet shopping and Helen's service, communication and willingness to help out in every way has really given us great confidence in Bamboo Village as an online trader...We're in Tasmania and just can't find some of these great products here easily...highly recommended." - Rob and Hilary - TAS

"I recently ordered for my husband a pack of 10 thick working socks and they arrived eventually via a very long winded Toll Priority.

The person who dealt with me in your NSW office was absolutely fantastic..... We are delighted and would like to thank you so much for your wonderful service..... the service is something I am a stickler for and this lady went over and above customer serivce.

Nice to acknowledge good service." - S. Watson - TAS

"I have bought socks for my husband, son & 2 grandsons. They are so happy with them they now have enough to wear bamboo socks every day. I am now gradually getting so many products, sheets, towels & underwear. The fabric is so luxurious & beautiful to wear. Bamboo Village is so fast with their delivery too." - J. de Jong - SA
"Fantastic service my order was delivered 26 hours after being placed. Sports socks and business are very comfortable, I'll be purchasing Bamboo products to replace my old ones." - J. Burns - QLD
"Just before Christmas I placed an order with you online for a dear friend of mine. I picked the option to have my purchase gift wrapped and had it delivered to her address. Well, for starters I didn't think it would get to her by Christmas as I'd placed the order the Sunday just before Christmas, and secondly I didn't realise just how beautifully wrapped it would be! She said it was wrapped with such care and it apparently looked amazing! Wow, thank you so much!" - A. Curwain - VIC
"Hello again! Just wanted to thank you for the extremely good service I have enjoyed with you people. I was astounded to receive your phone call a few minutes after I sent my email to you, and to have the omission I had made in the order corrected, then and there, with all details taken care of so efficiently, and easily for me. True to your word, the parcel arrived yesterday afternoon. I certainly did not expect it so fast as we live out of the metropolitan area and nothing is ever fast delivery from the Eastern States, or even sometimes from Perth! So thank you!  I look forward to using the goods, and will let you know how it goes in due time." - A. Mitchell - WA

"Wow! We live in WA and often have to wait for at least a week before receiving anything from the eastern states. I don't know how you managed overnight delivery but I was most impressed. Packaged beautifully as well. Will definitely be purchasing from your site again." - Z. Sims - WA

"[My order] arrived very quickly, which was great." - Anonymous

"Excellent service" - Anonymous

"Already have recommended [Bamboo Village] because of the variety of products, value and excellent service" - Anonymous

"I thought your prompt service was impressive." - Anonymous

Bamboo Socks
"It's so nice to have a nice new supply of your socks! I buy the bamboo extra long heavy work socks because they protect my feet and legs from the irritation caused by my neuropathy. Such comfort! I pay the extra freight to the U.S. because you can't find such thick bamboo socks here." - M. Mcleod - USA
"I am delighted to let you know that I have enjoyed wearing the bamboo health socks from Bamboo Village very much. I am elderly and have always had trouble one way and another with my feet. Lately the condition has grown worse and I am always looking for suitable socks.
My feet are very sensitive to some artificial materials and react badly. They are happy with natural materials. I have found hospital cotton socks with loose tops have been good previously, but was running out of those and had no further supply readily available. I then found a fine woollen material was also very good, but had worn these out and was looking for more as I had no clue as to their brand so I was searching the net when I came upon your bamboo product.
Not knowing anything about it then, I read all your information and decided to try, even though comparatively expensive for me. I am not sorry. I like them better than either wool or cotton now, and I would like to order more.
I doubt I will use anything else now, as the material and softness is really quite delightful on my feet. I like the soft feel, the strong construction of the wearable parts, toes, heels, etc., and also, the fact of the ready absorption of moisture, AND, the lack of odour! I am very glad to find you! Thank you. I want to explore now your other products! It is nice to find you in Australia!" - A. Mitchell - WA
"Although my husband and I are in our early sixties we still have enough oomph to go on slightly adventurous holidays! Earlier this year I bought a pack of the sports ankle socks to wear in our trekking shoes on a trip to Nepal. The socks were brilliant. Comfy, no odours and no eruption of tinea - which was on the cards. Still wearing them daily when out walking. Can't wait to order business socks for his nibs for Christmas!" - C. Holt - QLD

"I have purchased five pairs of Bamboo Business Socks and I absolutely love them (especially when they are brand-new). They do take longer to dry than normal socks but you can wear them for several days at a time without throwing in the wash because they do not seem to get smelly at all. The only complaint I have is that they wear out quite quickly which is why I purchased my second lot of three after my initial purchase of two pairs. I have now had a second pair of them wearout in the heel but it will not stop me buying them in the future!" - A. Water - TAS

"Lovely socks that are comfortable and well cushioned. Will be ordering more." - B. Nguyen - NSW

"I love these bamboo socks! I have had the worst smelly feet in our family, along with cracks and athlete's foot. My husband would frequently banish my shoes outside and he told me the night we married, "I love you Rosslyn, but your feet stink!" He doesn't do this anymore. Best of all, I haven't used creams on my feet since I changed to bamboo socks. My husband loves his thick work socks too, and my daughters, unfortunately love my bamboo socks. We scramble to pinch them out of the clothes basket before anyone else gets their hands on them. Eventually all the socks in our house will be bamboo." - R. Rosenberg - VIC

"Very impressed with the undies [Bamboo Mens Underwear] will buy more. Work socks are great, nice and comfy. Will be buying more. Found the circulation socks a bit too long and too high up my legs." - D. Bulluss - NSW

"Your socks are the best. One of my sons had really bad foot odour and was getting down about it. We were told about bamboo socks and immediately bought some. No odour, no sweaty feet. Love your product." - J. Mason - VIC

"Brought a couple of pairs of bamboo socks work long hours standing up by far the most comfortable socks i have ever owned I'm buying more!" - B. Woodward - WA

"I bought some Bamboo Work Socks for my husband from Avoca Markets over 2 and a half years ago and they are still going strong. Every other sock (and I have tried so many different brands) I have purchased for him have never lasted as long as these, due to holes! He says they are the most comfortable socks he has worn. I will never waste money on buying him any other kind. These are the best!" - J. Weir - NSW

"As a lover of long socks the Bamboo Knee High Socks are just fantastic. They come with added padding underneath and I haven't found them to retain any foot odor at all. They are so soft and come in 6 wonderful earthy colours which for me all tell a different story of what the day holds. So much LoVe." - S. Berenice - WA

"We purchased 3 pairs each for work and tramping. They are super comfortable and absorbent. Husband loves them for work as they are both comfortable and keep his feet dry. They are so good that someone pinched one pair of his work socks. You don't notice when they are wet as your feet stay dry. We recommend them to our family and friends and are buying more." - L. Burgess - NSW

"My partner has always been extremely fussy about what socks he will wear, so it was with more than a little trepidation that I ordered some work socks for his birthday, after reading about bamboo fibre whilst helping my son with his homework. What a resounding success! He loved them from the moment he first put them on and we now know what to give him for Father's Day this year. Thank you." - C. Foster - VIC

"The bamboo sports socks are very comfortable and good quality. My husband also likes the business socks. We would definitely recommend these products to others!" - S. Atkins - QLD

"A friend raved about these so I bought 2 pair - one for me and a health pair for my husband who has size 13 feet and finds all socks tight around the ankles. After Day 1 we were both so amazed that we will order multiple pairs for both of us next pay day!" - S. Thomas - NSW

"I work really long hours on my feet cooking Pizza and Bamboo socks are Feet Savers, without doubt the most comfortable socks I've ever worn." - Big Daddy, Big Daddy's Mobile Woodfired Pizza

"Bamboo socks were recommended to me by my boss. We work in a refrigerated environment and wear gumboots all day and I have always struggled with wet feet/socks...until now!! I LOVE my Bamboo socks, although my socks still get wet, the moisture stays in the socks and my feet are so much better. Feel free to send me some advertising material I can put up at work to share with more co-workers." - E. Van Der Wel - VIC

"My husband is a Tradesman and is required to wear boots each day to work.  He was suffering with pain in the soles of his feet and had tried many different ways of relieving this pain e.g.:  changing boots, creams, podiatrist, having massages but nothing would work.  A friend had suggested he try Bamboo socks and gave him a pair. Since wearing bamboo socks the pain in the soles of his feet have subsided. This is the only sock he will wear now – bamboo socks.  Not only do the socks feel soft, they wear well after endless washing. I would highly recommend this product." - T. Klaric - WA

"Fantastic product and outlast any other socks I've had." - J. Clarke - NSW

"My husband and I both love your bamboo socks: soft, comfortable and healthy, great colour, size and purpose range. My husband is also very happy with his bamboo jocks: Bamboo Village socks and jocks for him!  Thanks, too, for your prompt dispatch of our orders." - E. Mawhinney - NSW

"I puchased one pair of bamboo socks and was so impressed with how comfortable they were that I had to buy a pair for my wife and best friend! Best socks ever."- J. Currey - VIC

"About a month ago I purchased a 3 pack of bamboo socks - Business. I was looking for something comfortable, durable and would help with sweaty feet. These socks did the trick. My feet feel so much better after an 8-12hr day, which involves a lot of walking and standing. I will be buying more again in the future." - M. Lees - NSW

"I bought these socks for both my husband and myself. We use them for outdoor work (gardening, etc) and wear them with work boots or gumboots. They are so thick and comfortable and they feel so nice on. I love these the best of all my thick work socks due to their comfort level and the fact my feet don't get too hot when wearing them in summer or too cold in winter. Thank you for a wonderful and useful product." - S. Heinl - QLD

"Holy Moly. I'm just writing to tell you how completely amazing your socks are. I'm not usually one to bring up socks at dinner parties, but they are amazing. I have bought over 10 pairs now, but I only have 3 pairs left coz I always give away pairs to friends who look at me like "really..socks..really.." Thank you again, I'm slowly working toward my goal of only having these socks in my wardrobe." - A happy wearer of Bamboo Textiles Socks

"Received my bamboo socks today, thanks for the good service, love the socks." - Colin Cooper (NZ)

"Finally I have come across good loose fitting socks for diabetic feet at a reasonable price. I will be ordering more. No more canyon deep indentations around my ankle tops at the end of the day. Thank you Bamboo." - B. Pearson - TAS

"I have bought the health socks and the business socks for myself and I was thrilled with them both. The thick padding under the soles and their softness make them the most comfortable socks I have ever worn. They are definitely worth the money and I have ordered them and the work socks for Christmas presents this year as I can only shop online at present and I know this product will be a worthwhile gift." - V. Hunt - NSW

"After suffering from very sweaty feet, I purchased a 9-pack of these socks in 06/2012 and will never wear another pair of socks again. Have just purchased another 9-pack 14/05/2012. I love these!" - D. Retchford - VIC

"The Bamboo Village Work Socks are very very comfortable. I have always had problems when wearing in new boots because of blisters but not when wearing the Bamboo socks. They are great for cold weather and also in hot weather as my feet don't get sweaty. Great socks."- B. Boylan - WA

"For the first time in a while my feet felt really great, my feet were so comfortable, and not tired as I have diabetes and bad circulation." - G. Moore - VIC

Bamboo Towels

"I bought my daughter one of your towels and a matching face washer for Christmas. She has extremely sensitive skin and she LOVES your towel. Towels as soft as these usually don't dry very well but this is a real winner!" - S. Standish-White - TAS

"Wouldn't buy any other type of towel. Even made saddle cloths for a horse with a skin condition out of the towel and have no more problems with the fungal rash on his back, love the towels." - J. Clarke - NSW

"The best towels on the market!" - J. Clarke - NSW

Bamboo Sheets and Quilts

"The sheets [Luxury 100% Bamboo Sheet Set by Bambusa] are beautiful and soft and are ideal for our new bed. What also impressed me was the speed of delivery. Ordered one day and delivered interstate the next day. Could not have asked for better service." - L. Pegler - VIC
"We love our bamboo sheets [Fitted 100% Bamboo Sheets by Bambusa]. It's so comfy, we've decided to order more for ourselves and some baby cot sheets & cloths for our new nephew or niece!!" - J. Deng - SA
"I just received my blanket [Lightweight Bamboo Blanket] and it is gorgeous, soft,silky and luxurious - very happy indeed! I ordered the Sienna colour which is definitely orange. On the website the fourth image of the blankets suggests that this colour is quite red but it is definitely not. If you like orange then this is the colour to choose, if you are after red you will be disappointed." - S. Standish-White - TAS
"Your bamboo bedding is so warm, smooth, soft, dry and comfortable. Snuggling takes on a whole new meaning in bamboo bedding. Can't imagine ever laying my head on any other fabric." - M. Atkins - VIC

"This is a beautiful product [Bamboo Summer Quilt] and a pleasure to sleep under. It is lightweight and perfect for warm spring nights in the tropics. No more sweating, you can feel the quality. LOVE it!" - K. Scrivens - QLD

"Firstly, never ever ever has something arrived one day after I ordered it! I was astonished. Living in the NT, a quick turnaround is normally 3 days, but this took less than 24 hrs! I ordered it on Monday afternoon and it arrived Tuesday lunch time, incredible. 

Secondly, the product [Bamboo Fitted Cot Sheet] is just lush. Super for the Darwin heat, high quality and just beautifully soft and light. Highly recommended." - P. Boucher - NT

"I always look forward to making my baby boy's bed using his bamboo cot sheet. The silky softness is just delightful and the quality is excellent - it looks the same today as it did when I purchased it almost a year ago. Highly recommended." - R. Collins - WA

"I am astounded at the luxurious quality of these blankets. Soft, silky and light, they wash well and provided amazing temperature comfort on either cold or warm night's." - S. Knowles - SA

"I've suffered from chronic atopic eczema all my life and its very difficult for someone with my condition to find bedding that doesn't irritate my skin and make me over heat! 

I've always tried to buy good quality sheets but I found it would take them at least 4-6 months of constant washing, soaking in softener for them to get soft enough for me to bear! My cousin purchased me a set of your sheets and I cannot rave about them enough.... There was no need to soak and wash continuously, they were soft from the get go and very soothing on my skin and they kept me cool... They don't peel either which again is a relief for me... 

I used to spend a decent amount of money on bedding thinking I was buying the best quality that was available... I was wrong! Your products are the best by far and I happily pass on positive reviews to friends, family and anyone else who is willing to listen :)  THANK YOU" - S. Frederiksen - QLD

"I love the softness and feel of my new bamboo sheets, I feel like I'm sleeping on silk. They are great quality and the soft grey is stunning and very elegantly fits in with my decor colour scheme. I'm hooked!" - J. Wade - NSW

Bamboo Underwear

"These are the most comfortable underpants I've ever worn. They are soft and silky. It feels like you are not even wearing them. I'll be giving the cotton ones the flick." - M. Raczkowski - NSW
"Husband says the Men's Bamboo Essentials Pack for Father's Day is great. Soft, comfortable and cool!! Thank you." - S. Battaia - QLD

"+ $15 each for six pairs of undies, delivered
+ Comfortable fabric, snug fit with Aussie measurements 
+ Colours match images, haven't faded or shrunk after one wash 
+ Noticeably drier than regular cotton 
+ Stitching seems very good, as does the elastic
- Label on waistband has infuriatingly scratchy corners (tediously removed with thread unpicker, they're great now) 
- Packaging is non-recyclable plastic

Overall, I would definitely order these again when my regular pairs wear out." - J. Robinson - NSW

"After 28 years of odourous underwear from my farmer partner, I can't tell you how lucky I feel that to have found your products, Singlets, briefs and socks no longer smell like they have been dating the tractor and sheep. Almost makes washing a pleasure (that and the spin cycle). Love your products and speedy delivery. My partner will wear nothing but bamboo now. Thanks again." - K. Osborne - WA

"Just a quick note to let you know that I have received the boxer trunks. My son is very happy with them. Says they are extremely comfortable." - J. Stephens - NSW

Bamboo Clothing

"I love wearing bamboo, it's brilliant for travel, never bobbles or creases and makes me feel sensational even when I'm jet-lagged. Just about to get some pants and a cardigan now because you can never have too many bamboo clothes!" - A. Candy - QLD
"This is going to be a wonderfully useful addition to my wardrobe! There are so many different ways of tying it to create a variety of glamorous looks. The fabric drapes beautifully and it feels gorgeous. This cardigan [Bamboo Wrap Cardigan by Witjuti] is a perfect weight for Summer evenings, Spring and Autumn - I love it :)" - S. Standish-White - TAS
"It's difficult to find clothing that keeps you dry and comfortable working in a hot environment. The bamboo socks and singlets were a great find and perform as described on the Bamboo Village website. Having not worn bamboo clothing in the past, it was surprising at how well this fibre works to keep you dry and comfortable." - C. Stirliing - QLD
"My dress [Grace Gathered Dress] arrived today and it is fabulous. The feel and drape of the fabric is lovely. I feel a million dollars in it - I think it could become a real favourite!" - S. Standish-White - TAS
"I love bamboo products and the mens shorts and tshirt is the best I have found, the fabric is wonderfully soft and sizing spot on!" - T. Park - NSW
"I love the bamboo singlet. It is so soft and comfortable. My favourite underwear in winter and summer. The problem with the singlet is that my daughters like it just as much as I do!" - R. Rosenberg - VIC
"Beautiful and so soft, this shirt looks great and feels even better. Miss 4 is very fussy and hates "itchy" shirts but she had no worries about her Tree Shirt. Super fast delivery too, Thanks!" - B. Kelly - QLD

"Purchased at a stall in the Sutherland shire at the coffee carnival, love the [ladies] singlet and colour would have purchased more but didn't have my size left, what I love about it.. the flexible soft touch of the material. Worn at least twice a week, still holds shape and colour. Looked at the label to see if you had a website. Really love it." - C. Hilder - NSW

"Great product [Men's Bamboo Singlet]. Comfortable to wear and keeps the body cool in the humidity. Excellent & prompt delivery. Received 3 days after ordering. Thank you. We look forward to further purchases." - K. Prendergast - NSW

Bamboo Toothbrush

"Using the bamboo toothbrush, was just as comfortable/ effective, if not more so, than the plastic ones I am accustomed to using. I was horrified when I found out how many tonnes of non-degradable toothbrushes are disposed of every year. Now I can smile and brush my teeth in peace once more!" - C. Marsh-Trombelli - VIC

Bamboo Cleaning Brushes

"As much as I hate cleaning bathroom tiles, at least with this brush it is a lot easier. I don't use chemical cleaners so a bit of elbow grease on my part is required. I have tried numerous grout/tile brushes in the past but never found a decent one until I bought this one. Its handle is great for holding and thus making it easy to use and the different strong bristles for grout and tiles makes cleaning easier. Thanks for a great brush." - S. Heinl - QLD

General Reviews

"I was surprised by how soft the tea towels and socks [Bamboo Baby Socks] were. The absorbency in the tea towels makes doing the dishes a breeze, I will never buy cotton products again." - J. Johns - QLD
"I have purchased a lot of different products over the last few weeks & all are really great. We love the feel of the sheets and towels, the socks are fantastic and even my young grandsons love them, we have enough now to wear them everyday" - J. de Jong - SA

"I purchased these wraps [Bamboo Muslin Swaddles] for two friends of mine for their children. They have told me since then it has been the best thing anyone has given them, they are so soft and can be used for anything. They receive many compliments. Thanks again." - N. Landberg - VIC

"I am such a huge fan of Bamboo products, having come across bamboo socks 4 years ago, so every time I have to buy something that goes next to my skin, I use the opportunity to purchase bamboo, and Bamboo Village is one of my favourite haunts. They are quick, efficient, inexpensive and a pleasure to deal with." - K. Bennett - QLD

"I love anything that is made from bamboo. I have undies, t shirt & a bamboo chopping board. Not only are they comfortable to wear & use, wash & dry, they are also light weight and don't need ironing so excellent for travel. I also love the environmentally friendly aspect as well. Keep up the good work!" - S. Lee - QLD
"Very user-friendly website and easy to search for products." - Anonymous

"If you are after any products made from eco-friendly bamboo, then definitely check out Bamboo Village which offers a range of different products from various brands." - Anonymous