Bamboo Workwear - Work wear is changing

Over the past few decades, cheap synthetic fabrics have been used for work wear in Australia and globally. Very little manufacturing is now done in this country, as oppressive production has become commonplace. With cheap and mass produced goods have arisen other issues - allergies, toxic dyes and chemicals from the clothing. This trend is growing, and we’ve discovered innovative brands that are dedicated to serving the ethical and environmental aware consumer, and are shifting to a new way of making work wear with bamboo. They rightly believe that sustainability - both ethically and environmentally - is the future.

Is Bamboo Work Wear for you?

  • You work in a harsh environment
  • You sweat a lot on the job
  • You value comfort
  • You suffer from sensitivities and/or allergies
  • You are eco-conscious and prefer your clothing to be sustainably manufactured

When you work in tough working conditions and need to keep moving whatever the weather may be, you really need to be dressed in something extraordinary. Your regular work gear isn't up to the challenge, and you need clothing that is not only comfortable, but incredibly practical for being on the job at hand.  We’ve selected the best of the best in work wear. These beauties don’t just offer superior functionality, durability and comfort, they are made from sustainable bamboo fabric to boot.