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Brand NEW socks are in the village!

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Sock drawer feeling a little bit uninspired?

Find yourself rustling through the washing pile looking for your sole pair of good socks?

This might mean it is time to buy some new socks...

And good news - we've just had brand new sock treats arrive in the village!

From one of our favourite brands, Pussyfoot, you'll love these as much as we do. 

Known for their fun and funky designs, these socks will bring colour and delight to your feet whenever you pull them on.

Check out our new additions below. Happy sock shopping!

The best sort of presents are socks, especially when they're bamboo! Our popular Socks In A Box now come in two new box designs - Cats and Dogs & Quirky. Both come with great new designs that will have the present recipient beaming when they wear their new feet warmers.

Plus, who says they need to be a present? Treat yourself!

Socks In A Box - Cats and Dogs & Quirky - $39.95

Kids love crazy and funky socks, and these ones certainly deliver! We've introduced several new designs that they can wear to school all week long.

The bamboo is super soft, and no matter what the weather their feet will be treated to cool freshness when it's hot and sunny, and be kept wonderfully warm when the chills arrive. 

Do they ever get sweaty feet? Moisture is wicked away from the skin with bamboo socks, and foot odour is kept to a minimum. What a bonus.

Kid's Bamboozled Socks - $9.95

We've introduced a new Daisy and Banana pattern for women, and a Banana pattern for men to our popular ped socks from Pussyfoot. If you're a no-go on plain workout socks, these might be your perfect match.

Ped socks are great and are very popular with runners especially - they are low cut and fit just above the heel collar of your shoe. This means they won't slip too low when you're exercising (which lower socks could do), but also means they don't show above your ankle either, so aren't on show too much.

Ped Socks for Men and Women - $12.95

Knee socks are a definite must-have in the sock drawer! When you're after a little extra warmth for the trusty legs during the cooler seasons, these are a winner.

In two lovely striped designs, wear them under pants and jeans for a little additional layer when the chills are about. They're also a treat for wearing under PJs around the house on chilled, laidback evenings and weekends.

Women's Knee High Socks - $15.95

Ladies, it's time for a treat!

We've added some lovely new designs to our Bamboozled socks for you including Martini (for cocktail lovers), Cupcake (for those with a sweet tooth) and Hula Dancing (for those that love to get their groove on!).

Great for work, they're also good for fun fun fun. Day out with the girls? Wear these under your trainers. Family packed weekend? These will come too! 

Women's Bamboozld Business Socks - $14.95

Gents, you know you love to wear some funky patterns underneath your smart work trousers!

Our new Pussyfoot additions will have you sorted in no time.

Our new additions include coffee socks (for the caffeine addicts), No1 Dad Socks (for special Dad's), and Pacman Game socks (for the gaming lovers out there!). 

Men's Bamboozld Business Socks - $14.95

Who says 'hidden' socks need to be plain? Certainly not us! 

Our newbies are anything but plain - they're a feet treat to love. 

Introducing Pink Pineapple and Daisy for women, and Watermelon for men.

Secret Socks and Footlets - $11.95

What are you waiting for? Let's get your feet kitted out in the best socks money can buy - bamboo!

Shop all bamboo socks 

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