A Tip Of The Cap To Australia - And Our Firefighters

Posted by Bamboo Village on 15th Nov 2019

A Big Tip Of The Hat To Australia!This week - like everyone else in Australia - our hearts have been with the firefighters and the victims of bushfires burning out of control across Queensland and New … read more

Singlet Specials: "Sun's Out - Guns Out!"

Posted by Bamboo Village on 11th Nov 2019

Public Service Announcement...The heat is on. The sun is out. And it is highly advisable to start wearing cooling bamboo fabric against the skin, seeking shade, drinking plenty of water; slip-slop-sla … read more

How Many Different Towels Will You Need This Summer?

Posted by Bamboo Village on 24th Oct 2019

The Heat Is on...And That Means Pool Rules Are In Play.Get Hot.Get Wet.Towel Off.Repeat.As the days heat up into the back end of Spring, we'll use any method available to get wet and cool off.Whether … read more