Men's Bamboo Underwear Essentials Value Pack

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When you spend long hours on the job, the last thing you want is your job following you home. Sweat and odour are often taken for granted as a part of hard work, along with the discomfort of moisture and dirt when they become trapped against the skin. Men's bamboo clothing offers you relief from that odour and perspiration, making your daily work and laundry day less taxing.

Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, and reduces body odour associated with sweat. This feature is enhanced by the fact that bamboo is both more absorbent and softer than cotton, so it will keep you dry and won't chafe against your skin while you manage your work load. Anyone who works in heavy industry or out on the land knows the extreme discomfort caused by sweating feet encased in work boots.

Bamboo socks effectively minimise that moisture, keeping your feet cool, dry, and free of blisters. Bamboo undergarments act similarly to wick moisture away from your skin, reducing both odour and the irritation often caused by prolonged wear of sweat soaked clothing. Each essentials pack comes equipped with a pair of bamboo work socks, a bamboo singlet, and one pair of men's bamboo underwear.


Shoe Size     M4-6   M6-10   M10-14   M14-18
Sock Size        S        M         L          XL*
*XL available in Black, Navy, Khaki only

Chest Size (cm)  90-95   95-100    100-105   105-115   115-130
Singlet Size           M        L            XL          2XL        3XL

Waist Size (in.)  28-30  30-32  32-36  36-40  40-44   44-48
Underwear Size     S      M        L       XL      2XL     3XL

10.00 (cm)
10.00 (cm)
30.00 (cm)