5 Ways To Stay Cool In The Summer Heat

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It's hot out there; summer is in full swing. Days like this can leave you feeling tired, sweaty and sticky...and certainly warm. Air conditioning and cooling-fans aside (which are just the best!), what are some other ways to ensure that you stay cool during the day? Check out some of our favourite tips.

Get out early

The heat only intensifies as it gets closer towards midday, so if you need to go out, head out as early as possible. Do your shopping or any chores needed - or even head to the office earlier than usual - and avoid being outside when the temperature are going to be the highest.

Dress right

Wear light clothing when you heat outdoors, but ensure that any skin on show is covered in sunscreen. Bamboo clothing keeps you cooler in the summer (as well as warm in the winter), by regulating your temperature and wicking moisture away from the skin. Bamboo fabric also offers UV protection, protecting you and your loved ones from the sun’s rays in comfort.

Cover your windows

Shading the windows in your home can help to reduce the build up of heat in your house. Pull down your blinds, close the curtains, and even hang sheets or blankets over a window if it doesn't have a standard cover. This will increase your comfort levels and keep the house at a much cooler level. Ensure that you do this from early on in the day.


Hot weather can leave you tossing and turning in the night, as your sheets cling to you, the air feels like the inside of an oven and sweat pours. It doesn’t make for an ideal sleep. Enter bamboo sheets; your answer to a contented, cool, night sleep. As with clothing above, the fabric helps to regulate your body temperature by wicking moisture away from the body. Bamboo sheets absorb much more moisture than cotton, up to 300 percent of its weight. This massively reduces the sticky humidity between the sheets, and can lead to a really good – and cool - night sleep.


No pool? Your shower can help you cool off just as well. Turn the temperature to a lower, cooler setting and you'll immediately feel better. If you decide not to dry yourself completely afterwards, you'll stay cool a little longer as the water evaporates from your skin.

How are you staying cool this summer? 

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