Introducing Chambray and Grid Print

Posted by Bamboo Village on 18th Feb 2019

We love it when new items arrive at the village. And we were super excited when these new collections arrived - they're stunning! Known as 'Chambray' and 'Grid Print', each of t … read more

Reasons to love our new Eucalyptus Collection

Posted by Bamboo Village on 14th Jan 2019

There's new stock in the village! And it's gorgeous and all perfect for summer. Called the 'Eucalyptus Collection', it is from Bamboo Body and we want every single piece... t … read more

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Posted by Bamboo Village on 30th Nov 2018

The All-Rounders Gifts that are perfect for everyone! These are gorgeous gifts that are great for everyone - family, friends, co-workers, neighbours... you name it! 1. Mulberry Th … read more

Shop our favourite singlets for spring

Posted by Bamboo Village on 30th Oct 2018

Spring is in full swing!  We're in love with the sunnier weather, the fresh flowers popping up everywhere and the lighter evenings.  A perfect spring weather companion … read more