Be Kind To The Environment When You Work Out

Posted by Bamboo Village on 6th Jun 2016

When you’re feeling energetic and heading to do some exercise, have you considered how ‘green’ you can make your workout? Tiny little changes can make all the difference! 

Your Workout Bottle - It goes without saying that you need to keep hydrated when you work out, but make sure you're doing it in an eco-friendly fashion. Use a reusable water bottle every time you exercise. If you are in the habit of buying a plastic water bottle every time you head to the gym, ensure that it gets recycled.

Use what you have - Heading to the gym is great, but the world is waiting for you outside too! There's no better eco-friendly exercise than heading out the door to run or power walk; all you need are the shoes. Not a runner? Use what you have around the house; pop an exercise DVD in, or checkout a fitness show on the TV. Use cans for arm weights (beans work a treat!), or even use a skipping rope in the garden for some free and green exercise. If the sun is shining, that's a bonus too!

Eco-Friendly Workout Gear - Know you're supporting the environment every time you work out, with eco-friendly workout clothing, such as our leggings by O2 WearAs versatile as they are comfortable, these bamboo leggings are made with design and comfort in mind. Features a gusset for an easy fit and a waistband that sits comfortably between the hips and waist. Machine-washable. Wear with tunics, dresses and jackets. Better yet, slip into them for yoga sessions and other casual shirt-and-pants days, you’re guaranteed coverage as they’re 100% opaque. Exceptionally soft!

Recycle Your Shoes - While it's easy to simply throw out your old trainers when you fancy a new pair, think again. Instead of throwing them out, donate them to Nike's Reuse-A-Shoe program. Nike take worn out athletic shoes and recycles them into sport surfaces such as tennis courts, tracks and playgrounds. Read a little more about this on Nike's website, and take a look at your nearest drop off point here.

Eco-Friendly Towels - If you love heading to the gym, a towel is pretty essential. Why not invest in an eco-friendly Bamboo towel? Our bamboo towels are made of fibres which are four times more absorbent than cotton towels. With one soft and gentle pat of the towel on your body, you'll be much drier than if you were to use a cotton towel. Baksana uses organic dyes in their bamboo towels which makes them both eco-friendly and very kind to your skin; a perfect gym buddy!

Walk/Bike to Work - A great way to slip some exercise in to your day, is to walk or bike to work. Not only does it save you money, but you're saving the environment by not taking transport. Too far to walk or bike? Try to car share with someone who lives nearby; you'll be halving the fuel consumption for both of you.

Are you eco conscious when you’re exercising? We’d love to hear your tips!